For us at BTC, everything starts with our vision, mission and core values.

Our Vision

Raising a generation of boys driven by conscience, empathy and living a purposeful life.

Our Mission

To prepare each boy-child to make ethical choices and take the right actions through their life’s journey. We do this using a transformational value system that ensures each child is accomplished while playing a constructive role in the society.

Our Values

Personal Identity
Role Model
Mutual Respect
Character Education

Teaching boys about “good traits” that help them get along well in the society. “Character Education is a learning process that enables each child in school or community to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and other. Upon such values, we form the attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities that serve as the foundation of our society”. – US Department of Education.

Life Goals Development

Helping the boy-child establish aims and goals for what he wants to achieve, his short-, medium- and long-term goals, as well as his life plans.

Intentional Living

Working with the boys to live a life that is whole and joyful. By living intentionally, and in the moment, each child can reconnect with that deeper part of themselves that resonates with their higher truth.

Leadership Development

Leadership skill allow the boys to have control of their lives and the ability to make things happen. Leadership instills confidence, and helps children solve problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others. This gives them many opportunities to develop responsibility.

Community Participation

Empowering boys to grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically through both their relationships and through their community. They might find this community in school, at home and within the larger society. Community involvement sends a powerful message to children. It’s one that says you are important; you are loved, and you belong. It is a message that holds the strength to empower every boy-child in the world.